Bread is life

This week we are channelling the love of bread. 

Round, flat, plaited, tall, crunchy, crispy, soft, pillowy, fluffy, dense, glutinous bread.

The crust. The chewy soft inner layer of moist good-ness. The air pockets, oh the air pockets. The making of bread was  a lock-down wonder for some, a religion for others, and the occasional act of defiance for those not wishing to part-take in exercise. 

We have all done it, or at least seen someone who has done it. 

We highly recommend you check out Bread on Earth created by the Bread artist (yes this is a profession apparently) Lexie Smith. Its pretty whacky, takes bread to a whole new level (even a political one some how) but opens you up to multiple breaddy dialogues which is pretty noice.

Intensely in-love with Parson's Bread book, written by the Parson's design students to celebrate New York and it's baking culture in 1974. What is not to like about these visuals ??...


Lust over the full spread here.

THIS candle hack is a sensory overload too...


This masterful creation by Ellie Bouhadana is salivatingly tasty on the eyes. Curvy Challah with honey and bay leaf.... no words...just wow!
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Devooooh I missed buying her zine too. Ahh well, cant dwell. 

My own dough experience:

I got into sourdough making for a solid period a few years ago (proud to say pre Covid when it was a pretty noble task to do when I could have been out and about. My partner and I went travelling in Canada for a month and discovered the most incredible bakery in a random town we were passing through in British Colombia. I chatted with the baker for a long while about how much I loved baking sourdough and he followed me out of the shop with a small starter kit to travel with so I could return home and bake bread from his bakery. A container of starter (goo-ey sour smelling old wet flour) and a paper bag of freshly milled flour. My task was to keep the starter alive for the next month and then somehow smuggle it back to Australia. For 3 weeks whilst camping and hiking I fed and burped this little guy.
3 weeeeeks!
And then I forgot 3 days straight, clearly distracted by the wilderness of Canada and how threatening bears were (we saw a lot of bear shit...terrifying), and the starter died of malnutrition. 
Channeling Prinny Diana?.. maybe..

I am SO about any content that involves balancing bread btw. Calms the soul! Absolute harmony. 

To those still in lock-down, hang in there and bake (or balance!) more bread. To those free of lock-down, live your life and eat well. 

Love Nonna X