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Off-cut Tea-lights

Off-cut Tea-lights

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We are thrilled to launch our first batch of Off-cut Tea-lights. 
Our tea-lights are made from all of the spills, oopsy daisy’s and excess wax we have collected along the way to hand making our fruit and vegetable candles.

They come in two colour ways, depending on what we have more of when melting down our off-cuts.

Greeny-yellow. Might be more green, might be more yellow. You will find out. 

Reddy-Orange. Same goes for this palette. One way to find out. 


Made from a soy wax blend with cotton wick.

Shipping & Returns

All items are shipped within 2-3 business days

Care Instructions

  • Place your candle on a heat proof surface when lit
  • Never leave a burning candle unattended,  in a draught, or near a flammable item
  • Trim your wick in between burns for a clean burn
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