When caring for your candles


    Ensure that the burning of these cuties remain under yours or your companion's watch at all times (dog's don't count sorry).
    Place the candle on a heat proof surface so you don't damage your expensive linens (unless it looks so beautiful you absolutely must take the risk).
    Due to the organic nature of the candles, they tend to drip a little, but we like that.



    We recommend that you:

    Throw one in your friend's fruit bowl and watching them struggle to make a salad dressing with a fruit made of wax.

    Make a dense lemon installation at the dinner table. Very Italian?!

    Throw a cheeky custard apple at the end of your bath tub.

    Put a mandy on the window-sill near your work station.
    We also recommend getting the produce fam all together for a memorable moment.